SUMO: SUpervised MOdularisation

SUMO is a tool designed to complement existing automated approaches to software modularisation by making the incorporation of domain knowledge as easy as possible.

It uses a constraint solver to compute a modified package structure according to relations specified by the user, starting from either the original package structure or one created by another automated remodularisation tool

It’s BSD licensed; the source code and binary are available on Bitbucket.

As part of his work for his Masters degree, Mohammad Ali Khojaye built an Eclipse plugin to the tool, which is available here.

Crunch: Evolutionary Clustering of Graphs

Crunch is a search-based clustering tool that replicates a subset of Brian Mitchell’s BUNCH clustering tool.

Crunch is open source and available on Bitbucket. Documentation is available on the project wiki. It is designed to allow hierarchical clustering of graphs using several fitness functions. It includes an adapter that allows existing Bunch fitness functions to be used.